Model EP2522a with 110V Inverter,
Charge Controller, and 220V output.

Front of Model EP2522a

Back of Model EP2522a
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Solar Panel and ezPowerPlant
Model EP2522b above. Weather cover down
protecting power outlets and charger status
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Back of Model EP2522b above. Rubber
feet sitting on bricks.

Internal of Model EP2522b above. Includes also solar battery charger and connectors.

Diagram of Model EP2522ac with Dimensions above

ezPowerPlant Options

  • Each Battery holds over 1.3kWh of energy, equivalent to approximately half a gallon of gasoline in a standard generator.
  • Very Easy to find battery type for replacement
  • Lowest cost energy storage $/kWh
Battery Charger
1.5A Trickle
  • Keeps system always charged for non solar backups
  • Costs 1/12th to run an electric generator than a gasoline generator
110-220V; 500-3000W,
  • Modified Sine Wave
  • Optional True Sine Wave
  • Optional 220V Output
  • Two year replacement warranty
Solar Panel
  • Multicrystaline Solar Panel by Sun Technology
  • Twenty year warranty from panel manufacturer
Solar Charger
30A 24V
  • Automatically prevents overcharging
  • Battery Voltage and Current Display
12 Function
  • All units include a digital multimeter
  • Make quick measurements for easy troubleshooting
12V Outputs
3/8inch 500A
  • Chain multiple units together
  • Easy access for charging system with rapid charger

EzPowerPlant Design and Wiring Schematics


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