ezPowerPlant "The Simple Solar Solution"

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ezPowerPlant Model EP25xx Solar
Generator with 220V (Solar panels not shown)

Model EP1032 running light,
includes Solar Panel, Batteries,
Controller and 120V Inverter


  • RV Power
  • Run Tools
  • Lighting
  • Charge Computer, Cell Phones
  • Camping, Hunting, Fishing
  • Sporting Events
  • Refrigerator Power
  • Freezer Power
  • Miners, Prospectors
  • Emergency Backup Power


  • Simple: Easy to use and setup, just turn on and 120V and 240V is available
  • Affordable: Solar electricity is free
  • Quiet: No louder than a desktop computer fan
  • Efficient: Can stay on for days even with no sunlight or not being charged
  • Outdoor weather proof


  • Batteries: The more batteries the more energy you can store, also the more power you can pull when you need it
  • Solar: for a true independant backup power supply this is a must
  • Inverter: 120V output power options of up to 2500W continuous power, 4000W surges
  • Connections: External connections allow you to chain additional units and solar panels